I finally have the courage to let you go.

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I decided to write this letter so you can read it as many times as you need to once you’re ready to start processing the situation. I knew you would, understandably, be too emotional to actually hear what I am about to tell you. This way, you can refer to this letter once you’re ready to listen.

The truth is, whether you want to admit it to yourself or not, we haven’t worked well as a married couple in many years. …

It’s not you. It’s Me

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I know you probably think I’m about to gloat over the fact that I stole your man. I can understand why you would jump to that conclusion, but that’s not why I am writing. I am writing to try to explain that there was nothing you could have done to keep him. You actually did everything right.

To be clear, I didn’t steal your man. He came to me willingly and of his own volition. I also understand how it may provide you some comfort telling yourself, and probably others, that I stole him and trying to convince yourself that…

Moms Never Stop Being Women

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I never knew there were times you didn’t feel secure. You always appeared to have it all together. You were the glue for our family.

I never knew there were times you didn’t feel beautiful. I remember sitting on the bathroom counter watching you get ready for date night with Dad and being amazed at how pretty you looked.

I never knew you sometimes wished for a different life. I always assumed you got married and had children because that was your dream. …

Rely on your team and keep your eye on the ball

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This Covid quarantine has me missing baseball more than I ever imagined it would. While I am a die-hard Chicago Cubs fan and definitely miss watching my boys, I mostly miss watching my 18 year old son play for his college team.

I was thinking back to the last game I saw him play before life as we knew it came to a screeching halt and remembered that I was especially tuned in to the chatter among the teams. …

Impurities in the air, the water, and our relationships are being eliminated

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It feels like the world is experiencing a thorough detoxification or cleansing process. Don’t misunderstand me. I am not referring to a “final solution” type of cleansing. Although, if the very worst cases of Covid 19 were exclusively reserved for rapists, murderers, those who intentionally harm children and animals, and my physically abusive ex-husband, I would not shed a tear.

The media has reported that while pollution may be partially to blame for this pandemic, our social distancing and quarantining is helping to improve the air and water quality, at least temporarily.

Nasa satellite images have observed less pollution above…

Don’t settle for bad kissing or even good kissing. Great kissing is everything!

Photo by Pierre Benson

Have you ever been with someone whose kissing actually turns you off? Unfortunately, I have been with my share of bad kissers and in my opinion, kissing is not something that can be taught or even improved upon. Kissing is what it is…it is bad…it is good…or, as I learned from meeting the love of my life, it is great.

After 40-ish years of kissing, I assumed I knew it all and had been introduced to every kind of kissing there was. Surprisingly and thankfully, I was wrong. The last first kiss of my life was beyond anything I could…

“If you didn’t want me, why did you invite me?”

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“Go away”, you tell me

“We didn’t invite you!” you shout

You don’t even realize how mistaken you are

Your behavior has been taunting and tempting me for ages, but you were too blind to notice

I tried staying away, hoping you would do the right thing, change your ways

But you left me no choice; your selfishness became too great

You rationalized your behavior

You were shortsighted in your views

You blazed a path of destruction

Did you actually think your actions were for the good of all?

Did you really think I wouldn’t notice the little value you…

The job of an educator is demanding, but making excuses only makes it more challenging.

Image by Erin Beresini

I have served in public education for over twenty years and this is what I have learned. The basic essentials of running a classroom, school, or district successfully have not changed. Unfortunately, what has changed is the desire of people to actually do the work.

Just as in any other business, the most important component is the human capital, the talent. Effectively educating students requires the recruitment and retaining of talented, skilled, and coach-able educators and leaders at all levels.

In order for any business to not only survive, but thrive year after year, employees need to be able to…

If you work for this kind of boss, change your situation as soon as you can. If you are this kind of boss, shame on you!

Image by Jack Welch @ Strayer

Let’s face it, when we hear the term boss, most of us don’t conjure up the warmest of thoughts. In fact, even we actually like our bosses, it isn’t really socially “cool” to refer to them with affection.

As part of our everyday reality, though, almost every one of us has a boss. It is what it is. Most of us accept this fact, deal with it as best we can, and move on without it causing us too much strife.

But there are some bosses out there that go above and beyond to make those around them miserable. Actually…

Is it really admirable to stay in a “committed” relationship if you’re not fully invested?

Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash

A few years ago, during a heartfelt conversation with my sister, she made a comment that I dismissed at the time, but have come to realize was fairly insightful.

I shared with her that even though I loved my husband of 15 years and was proud of the family we raised together, I was no longer in love with him and was conflicted in my decision to stay in the marriage or to leave him.

My sister said something I had not thought of until that point.

She explained that if I chose to stay married to a man that…

Dr. Lisa

Veteran educator and writer who enjoys challenging the status quo in education, love, and life in general

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